We were pleased to host Chronicle Telegram reporter Rachel Rieger and photographer Bruce Bishop for their Lifestyle Accent Story on Standup Paddling (SUP) on Lake Erie in Lorain, Ohio.

When contacted by Rachel we suggested she come out to Lakeview Park Beach for a Lesson with us so she can experience the joy of Standup Paddling (SUP) first hand as well as the rich experience we deliver to our clients.

Rachel was a good sport and spend the day at the beach with us learning SUP and meeting and interviewing some of our clients and team members to get their perspectives on the benefits of Standup Paddling.

We were blessed with beautiful sunny skies that do though we did have a bit of a strong current making Rachel’s lesson a bit challenging for her.

She did a wonderful job capturing the essence the SUP experience that Lake Erie Paddler is delivering in partnership with the Lorain County Metroparks on Lake Erie at Lakeview Park Beach in Lorain, Ohio.

You can read her first hand account on the Chronicle Telegram’s online edition here.


Jim Lawhead instructs Chronicle Telegram reporter on SUP Technique in her on water lesson.