SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga

SUP Yoga classes are offered by Lake Erie Paddler in Cleveland, Columbus, and Lorain, Ohio.  Our Columbus branch, SUP Columbus, has partnered with Yoga on High in Columbus to offer Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga classes at Alum Creek State Park.

/*  SUP Yoga Class Schedule to be posted in Late-May */

Call (440) 774-2000 to reserve or Register Online.

You can Register Online for SUP Yoga Classes on the Yoga on High Website

Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga is Balance and Flow.

In addition to the physical benefits that the exercise of Yoga on a Standup Paddleboard delivers to an individual the greatest benefit is the balancing and flow of your internal energy.

SUP Yoga improves core strength and flexibility while providing a calming meditative tonic to your spirit.

SUP Yoga provides a platform for the release of your anxieties. You have no choice but to let go of any distractions that might be dragging you down and the negativity is absorbed into the abyss of the water as you rise above it.

SUP Yoga brings calm and clarity to your decision making in our ‘information overload’ world.

There is nothing like it. It serves as the guru, the teacher, the master, and the sage. It allows us to feel these powers within us.

SUP Yoga is Chill.

SUP is Liquid Bliss.

Lake Erie Paddler is the trend-setter on delivering SUP Yoga on Lake Erie.

Lake Erie Paddler is featured on Fox 8 News by video journalist Ali Ghanbari.

Contact Lake Erie Paddler via phone at (440) 774-4000 to register for a class and find out how you enjoy the calm of SUP Yoga.

Watch the video of ‘Yoga on the Water’.

View our Facebook Photo Album of SUP Yoga classes.

View typical SUP Yoga pose sequence on paddle boards on Lake Erie.