Paddle Board Excursions

Lake Erie Paddler offers a wide range of paddle board excursions and adventures from our SUP Shop in Lorain, Ohio.  Our convenient location at Harborwalk on the Black River in Lorain’s harbor at the gateway to Lake Erie allows us deliver paddle board sessions to quench your appetite for adventure.

One of our most popular excursions is a one way 4.5 mile paddle board excursion from the Lorain County Metro Park’s French Creek Launch pad down the Black River ending at the Lake Erie Paddler SUP Shop in Harborwalk.

Call Jim Lawhead at (440) 774-2000 or Contact Us via email to find out when our next excursion will take place and how you can be part of the adventure.

Paddle Board Excursions are an integral component of the the SUP Experience that Lake Erie Paddler is delivering to paddlers in Cleveland and all of Ohio.

Armed with a fleet of paddle boards and strategically located in Lorain, Ohio on the gateway to Lake Erie, we offer an exciting array of paddle board excursions to turn your SUP Experience into an adventure.

Our SUP Shop is located on the Black River in Harborwalk allowing us to offer a diverse range of excursions to quench the appetite for adventure of all paddlers.

Some of our favorite locations for excursions include:

A renaissance is taking place on the beaches of Lake Erie and Ohio’s waterways as outdoor fitness enthusiasts discover the sport of standup paddle boarding.  With local waterways cleaning up and a national resurgence of support for fitness-related activities, people are flocking to the shores of Lake Erie.

A novice can learn standup paddling in just one lesson on calm waters, while experienced paddlers may challenge themselves by riding waves and navigating rough waters. Whatever your level or style, a few hours of standup paddling will have you feeling refreshed and exhilarated.

Park and Ride available from the Lake Erie Paddler SUP Shop in Lorain, OH.

Learn more about our Standup Paddleboard Excursions.

Call Jim Lawhead at (440) 774-2000 or contact us via email to find out about the coming excursions or to give us suggestions on your favorite locations.