Paddle Board Rental Catawba Island

Paddle Board Rental Catawba Island

Lake Erie Paddler offers Paddle Board Rentals in Catawba Island, Ohio to customers vacationing in the Lake Erie Region during the summer months.

Lake Erie Paddler standard Paddle Board Rental Delivery Service to  Catawba Island works as follows:

  • Weekend Rental for Two (2) Paddle Boards is $200.00
  • We deliver the paddle board rental to your vacation cottage in Catawba on Friday
  • We pick up the paddle board rental from your location on Sunday late afternoon or early evening.
  • You get a three day weekend paddle board rental for the price of two days.
  • You get two paddle boards for the weekend.
  • The fee is $50 per paddle board per day for total fee of $200 for the weekend,
  • Delivery fee may be added depending upon time and location of delivery.
  • Weekly Rental for Two (2) Paddle Boards is $400.00

Call Lake Erie Paddler at (440) 774-2000 to reserve your paddle board rental, customize a paddle board rental package, and arrange delivery.

We also offer paddle board delivery service to the following vacation destinations in the following Lake Erie region:


Paddle Board Rental Port Clinton

Paddle Board Rental on Catawba Island near Port Clinton at Sunset.