NSP Stand Up Paddle Boards

NSP Stand Up Paddle Boards

NSP manufactures a full line of SUP and Surf boards.  We carry the full line of SUP boards.

The two most popular models for our customers are:

  • NSP E2 11’6 All Around Paddle Board
  • NSP Elements 10’2 Paddle Board

NSP E2 11’6 All Around SUP

NSP Paddle Board

NSP Paddle Board E2 11’6″


The 11’6 E2 All Around Paddle Board is the perfect SUP paddle board for fitness, SUP Yoga, recreational flat-water, and it is fun in the surf.   Developed as an all around board to make the sport accessible to all skill levels.

Featuring a full deck mat it is perfect for SUP Yoga, Fitness, or transporting your small child or dog.

The wide platform and 4 7/8″ thickness make it a stable platform for paddlers of all sizes.

The rounded rails give it speed and maneuverability.


NSP Elements 10’2

NSP Paddle Board Elements 10'2"

NSP Paddle Board Elements 10’2″

We refer to the NSP SUP Elements 10’2 paddle board as the short fatty because of it short length at 10’2″ and it wide platform of 32″ and thickness of 32″.  The design of the SUP paddle board at these dimensions provide a stable platform yet makes it highly maneuverable in small spaces and fun in the small waves.

It is versatile enough for riders of all shapes and sizes and provides excellent tracking for smaller and lighter frames.  The 2/3 deck mat allows great traction and reduced cost savings to make this an affordable board to any paddler.



NSP Paddle Board Construction