Surftech Product Lineup

Surftech Paddle Board

Surftech SUP Paddle Boards present a diversified lineup of SUP paddle boards to serve the needs of all paddlers seeking to paddle without limits and experience all paddle boarding activities.

Call Jim Lawhead at (440) 774-2000 to arrange a demo of these premium paddle boards to find the one that suits your needs the best.

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 Surftech Universal Paddle Boards

Surftech Universal Standup Paddling Boards Surftech Universal Paddle Boards are all-around recreational boards designed for surfing, fitness, and excursions.  These boards are built with Surftech’s legendary ASA/Softtop construction that provides proven performance and value.  Softtop SUP boards are stable, easy to use and maintain, and provide a versatile board whether you ride waves, paddle for fitness, or explore nature with your family on your favorite waterway.

Surftech Generator Boards

Surftech Generator Standup Paddle BoardsGenerator paddle boards are designed for performance, whether you are riding ocean waves or performing extreme fitness routines.  Designed for surfing and touring, Generators are lighter and more maneuverable.  These boards are made in Tufflite, AST, and Bamboo construction and range in lengths from 9′ 0″ to 11′ 6″ that will meet the needs of the most avid standup paddle board enthusiasts.

Joe Bark Designed Paddle Boards