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Built Around the Core

surftech-sup-technology-Fused-cell-EPS-coreAfter years of research and testing Surftech were proud to be the first company to offer our  ‘Natural Composite’ construction, made from a renewable cellulose fiber that is sustainable and recyclable.  Our EPS Fused-Cell cores offer a real alternative to the fossil-based foam that is being widely used today.  Since the cells in our foam are fused, the Surftech core is waterproof.  Even if you get a ding in your board, it will not take on water.  Surftech delivers a range of technologies built around the core that separate them from the competition.


surftech-sup-technology-TufliteAs the world-wide leader in composite surfboard technology, Surftech revolutionized board-building when we introduced Tuflite sandwich/epoxy construction to the surfboard industry.
  Since that time Tuflite has become the often copied, but never duplicated benchmark construction for SUP customers who insist on boards that easily handle day-to-day use while offering the performance advantages of light-weight precision shapes. Lighter, Stronger, Proven!  Surftech delivers a range of technologies built around the core that separate them from the competition.


surftech-sup-technology-ASA-soft-topKnocked off by many over the years, our Softop technology redefined the meaning of a long-lasting, user-friendly board.  Surftech’s legendary Softop construction has earned a loyal following with proven performance and value. Softops are safe, easy to own and maintain and provide you with a versatile board whether you ride waves, paddle for fitness or explore nature with your family in a favorite waterway.

Natural Composites/Bamboo

Surftech-sup-technology-bamboo-Natural-CompositesSurftech pioneered this greener technology almost two decades ago.  Combining the latest low-ecological-impact composite materials with one of nature’s most renewable and resilient structures, natural bamboo, we are able to bring you boards that are as durable as they are beautiful.


Surftech-sup-technology-ASTA lighter and stronger construction that focuses structural reinforcement where it’s needed most. Whether you are at the beach or at the lake, your board built in AST will provide countless hours of enjoyment.

Pro Elite

surftech-sup-technology-pro-eliteSerious competitive SUP racers demand the lightest weight, highest performance boards.  Surftech created the Pro-Elite series to meet those demands.  The Pro-Elite series is used more and finishes on the podium at more races than any other paddle board on the market today.  This ultra light-weight construction utilizes a high strength-to-weight materials like biaxial/carbon and high density aero-space foam over the lightest foam core available.  Finish at the top with Pro-Elite.

We’re here to help.  Call Jim Lawhead at (440) 935-9291 to find more about these technologies separate Surftech SUP paddle boards from the rest of the pack or Email us and we can help you sift through the details and get to the best board for you.