Surftech Universal Paddle Board

Surftech Universal Paddle Board

The advanced technology design, stable platform, smooth rails, fused waterproof core, and the full length EVA soft top make the Surftech Universal Paddle Board the best for all around standup paddle boarding on Lake Erie.

The most popular models, in the lengths of 10’6″ , 11’6″, and 12’0″ meet the diverse needs of all levels of standup paddling experience and a diversity of use cases.

Not only is the Surftech Universal paddle board an excellent all around SUP board, it is top-notch for SUP Yoga, paddle board fitness, paddle board excursions, paddle surfing, touring, and enjoying a peaceful sunset cruise. The Surftech Universal paddle board can easily handle the rough waters of Lake Erie and perform at a high level. This is important so that you can use your paddle board in all conditions and not have to sit on the sidelines when the wind kicks up and the water gets rough.

Contact Lake Erie Paddler via phone at (440) 935-9291 or email to arrange a lesson or demo of the Surftech Universal standup SUP paddle board so that you can gain first hand experience and learn how this paddle board can suit your needs.