Paddle Board Locations

Our SUP paddle board shop is located in Lorain, Ohio, the gateway to Lake Erie and Ohio waterways.  The SUP shop location at 485 California Avenue in the Spitzer Riverside Marina in Lorain’s Harborwalk waterfront housing community is conveniently located to the best paddle board launches in Northeast Ohio.

Please refer to our current class schedule and Register Online at Aloha SUP. You can call (440) 774-2000 with any questions.

We provide regularly scheduled paddle board lessons and paddle board rentals every weekend during the summer months of June, July, and August at multiple locations in the Lake Erie region and throughout Ohio.  Typically our paddle board season starts on Memorial Day weekend and ends on Labor Day weekend depending upon the weather.

We an online registration option in addition to our existing phone registration system.

The primary Paddle Board locations that we offer Paddle Board Lesson, Paddle Board Rentals, and Paddle Board Yoga in 2016 include the following:

We typically schedule our classes, lessons, and rental times on every two hours on Saturday and Sunday’s starting as early as 9:00 AM and ending by 5:00 PM.

We will add additional class times for a respective day based on demand.

Our standard rates for lessons are $30 per class and $30 per two-hour rental.  You can find out the details of our lessons and rental programs and how to register on their respective pages on our website:

We also provide paddle board fitness and SUP yoga classes at our locations locations throughout Ohio.  These classes do not follow a regular schedule and our based on demand and weather permitting.  Call us at (440) 774-2000 to schedule one of these classes.

We also do demos, excursions, and special events on the from various points on Lake Erie and in Ohio including the Black River, Jackalope Lakeside Cove, Harborwalk, Main Avenue Beach in Vermilion, Bay Village, Rocky River and locations in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

The Lake Erie Paddler SUP Shop is centrally located around the top 4 launch locations in Lorain:

  1. Lakeview Park Beach (1800 West Erie Avenue)
  2. Harborwalk
  3. Jackalope Lakeside Cove Beach
  4. The Black River

The map below provides a graphical representation of our location in respect to the SUP launch points described above.

lake erie sup, cleveland, ohio






Lake Erie Paddler is centered in the heart of Northeast Ohio to facilitate lessons, rentals and sales of standup paddle boards to locations in Ohio and beyond.  Our Shop and key SUP launch locations are located approximately the following drive time from some of the more popular Northeast Ohio cities and towns:

  • 15 minutes west of Avon Lake
  • 20 minutes west of Bay Village
  • 25 minutes west of Rocky River
  • 30 minutes west of Lakewood
  • 35-40 minutes west of Cleveland
  • 1 hour 30 minutes West of Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio
  • 10 minutes East of Vermillion, Ohio
  • 25 minutes east of Huron, Ohio
  • 35 minutes east of Sandusky, Ohio
  • 40 minutes east of Catawba, Marblehead, and Lakeside
  • 50 minutes east of Port Clinton
  • 1 hour 45 minutes East of Toledo, Ohio
  • 3 hours 30 minutes West of Buffalo, New York
  • 1 hour 15 minutes West of Mentor-on-the-Lake and Fairport Harbor, Ohio

Lake Erie Paddler’s SUP Shop is open every day when the weather is suitable but due to the nature of our on-water programming our retail hours are somewhat random.  Refer to our SUP Shop page for more details or Give us a call at (440) 774-2000.

You can also Contact us via email to set up a appointment to view our available stock of new and used paddle boards for sale and available accessories.

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